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DSC - PowerSeries TouchScreen Security Interface

Your home is your most valuable asset. It’s where you and your family feel most secure. It’s where so many memories are made. It’s not just another household. It’s ‘home’, in every meaning of the word. We understand that and at Smart4uLondon, we think that’s worth protecting.

Deter Thieves With Your Own Home Security System

A break-in can result in major financial losses and damages, and personal devastation when valuables are taken.

Did you know that homes in Ontario with monitored home security systems are up to 40 times less likely to suffer a break-in than homes otherwise unprotected – this is the reality of what home security brings with it.

What Happens If There’s A Break-In or Emergency?

An affordable home security system in Ontario from Smart4uLondon is like having your own personal security guard team on-the-job 24/7. If there’s ever a break-in, you and our monitoring station receive notifications. This happens instantly. If needed, we dispatch local authorities.

Sometimes it’s not about catching a thief. It could be a carbon monoxide leak, a fire, or an event similar to these. We dispatch an emergency response unit quickly. The faster this occurs, the more likely you are to walk away without losses.

Why More London Homes Are Choosing Smart4uLondon

An added bonus is that once you have a Smart4uLondon home security monitoring system installed, property insurance premiums come down. Some Canadian insurance companies even have discounts of up to 20% for residences with a security system installed.

A monitored home security and alarm system gives you, your family, and your home the safety you deserve. Once installed, you can even review and monitor it yourself in real-time from a smartphone. Check in when you’re away.

Smart4uLondon smart home and security systems for residential systems is linked with Certified’s monitoring service, which already secures over 100,000 homes and businesses. You’re in the absolute best hands.

Ring Doorbell Cameras

We are also installin ring doorbell cameras - monitor who comes to your front door in real-time.

Doorbell Camera