Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring


Do you already own a home security system and are looking for alarm monitoring services in Ontario?

Smart4uLondon Security is about providing affordable, 24/7 monitoring to our clients. Switching from your existing system monitoring to ours is simple. Just give us a call at 226-503-9422 with some basic information, including the make and model of your home security system.

What is Smart4uLondon Alarm Monitoring in Ontario?

For decades, security specialists from Smart4uLondon have been helping to secure homes in London and surrounding areas. Back then, home security was a lot more basic. Nowadays, our monitoring systems are so much more developed than they were way back when.

Should you ever have a power outage, experience a break-in, and/or contend with a natural disaster, we are notified and your security monitoring team sees it. Immediately, emergency services are dispatched as needed.

What Kind of Home Security Monitoring is Available?

A lot of companies require a landline to set up their alarm monitoring. Not us. Smart4uLondon uses advanced GSM and IP-based equipment from renowned high-quality security brands like Honeywell, DSC, and GE. Your family receives only the safest, most secure service when you partner with us.

Through smart home technology, a number of things can be monitored. Remotely, view your security video from anywhere in the world. Live, real-time camera feeds. Receive alerts when someone enters or exits the home – a great feature if you have children.

Home alarm monitoring can be customized according to what you have or need in home security. Smart4uLondon is there. For pet owners, families, and travelers, and more, get a home alarm system that works for you. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.