Exeter, aka the Home of the White Squirrel, is a beautiful small town north of London. Here, security solutions have played a major role in keeping homes and businesses safe from theft, property crime, and damage.

For new Exeter homeowners or business owners, make security an essential. Smart4uLondon’s here to make it easy. Choose the security you need or make a selection from our pre-defined packages.

Our team has years of experience in the security industry. We know what works and what doesn’t. Sit down with one of our consultants to talk about your property today.

Tap Into Real-Time, Live Security Data On Your Smartphone

Once you’ve sat down for a consultation and your security system is installed, you now have complete control over your property. As a homeowner or business property owner, tap into surveillance from your smartphone. Receive text alerts. Know who enters or exits.

With Smart4uLondon’s 24/7 surveillance, this also ensures if there ever is a break-in or security breach, emergency services are notified in the timeliest of manners. This ensures a faster response time. The security system as a whole greatly reduces the likelihood of a break-in or property crime occurring as well.

Why Smart4uLondon Security Systems in Exeter Are Perfect!

Exeter security systems from Smart4uLondon aren’t just to minimize the risk of property crime. Should there ever be a fire, our security system picks up on that. If you have children arriving or departing home, receive notifications in real-time as it happens. Control temperature, light conditions, and more.

This is YOUR security system. Smart4uLondon is just there to make it happen. Minimize your security risk. Protect your home or business.