Chatham - Kent

Chatham-Kent is a collection of rural communities, including Chatham, Wallaceburg, Tilbury, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Wheatley, and Dresden. In Ontario’s rural areas, crime rates are on average almost a fourth higher than they are in urban areas.

If you’re worried about theft, property damage, or break-ins, Smart4uLondon offers a Chatham security solution that works. Our 360-degree security system works with 24/7 monitoring, is affordably priced, and alerts emergency personnel automatically when or if there’s a confirmed security breach.

Custom Home Security Systems in Chatham

We don’t have the fortune of being home 24/7. For a portion of the day, our most valuable personal financial investment is unattended to and vulnerable. If you have a security system installed, the dynamic changes.

Smart4uLondon’s sensors and monitoring ensures there’s always oversight in place. Be protected, stay safe, and have the peace of mind knowing your home has the security it needs. Security services in Chatham, like Smart4uLondon, has saved countless lives and mitigated property damage in a significant way.

High-Quality Commercial or Business Security Systems in Chatham

We don’t just protect homes. Smart4uLondon offers business security systems with 24/7 alarm monitoring, exit and entrance sensors, motion detection, temperature control, door lock monitoring, and video surveillance.

Use your smartphone to view your Chatham commercial security surveillance anytime, anywhere. Even if you aren’t watching, we are. Keep your assets safe. If there’s ever a break-in, we notify emergency response services immediately. Maximize coverage.